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Just 'be digital' - simple ways that automate the
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You can get on with your business, knowing that you are
complying with UK law, whilst getting all your Tax deductions.


The time has come for accounting, banking, bookkeeping and taxation to merge into a seamless process

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As gold partners with FreeAgent we are here to take you into this new era and be there as your constant guide and support. We think you’ll love it almost as much as we do.

We’re not whizz-kids
FairBalance has been going since 1984 and the company owner is 65. Always a Mac and Excel fan, David has re-invented the practice to deliver for the 2020s

If you go digital, your life will be easier, not harder. We can work with you through this, but the basics are as follows;

• Be digital. That means using your debit card as much as possible, getting paid online, using Standing Orders and Direct Debits. Your Bank will record your business activity with all the descriptions attached;

• Get online software. We use FreeAgent because there is no battle to understand and use it. It is user-friendly and a shed load of money has been put into development by its owner the NatWest group;

• The Bank sends the transactions to the software overnight and they just need explaining. As above, most are self-explanatory, but we are here to do the specialist accounting things for you;

• If you want the software for free, just get a NatWest business product. They have made it really easy with their phone-based account called Mettle.

Please call us on ‭01202 513666‬ or ‭07967 253111‬ for a no-obligation consultation about your needs. Or email david.ross@fairbalance.co.uk




    We are Gold Partners with FreeAgent, and David has helped them with Webinars and support for other accountants

    We chose the product over its competitors, which means a real investment of time and commitment from us.

    We did this after a lot of thought, and a look at the other products in the market.

    A key issue is the amount of money being spent in development - for instance there is a bespoke product for Private Landlords, who will have to file quarterly Returns to HMRC after 2024.

    But the main attraction is the beautiful and user-friendly interface - no other product has a Traffic Light system for approving transactions!

    We Love It - and believe that you will.
    This software does not fight back !

Mettle and NatWest

    You don't have to get a NatWest Group business product - you can just pay for FreeAgent (we get you a discount).

    But NatWest wants you as a customer so provides the software for free. Not a bad deal since the Bank is investing so much in product development.

    You can go the traditional route to set up with NatWest. "Traditional" these days means applying online - employees in the branches cannot set up an account.

    Or just get the Mettle app on your phone and sign up. It works like any of the 'challenger banks', and you get a sort code, account number, mobile app, Mastercard debit card and desktop access.

    Tell 'em David sent you by using this link;


Making Tax Digital

    HMRC are the bogeymen in this, because they are demanding proper accounting.

    But we aren't joining the Luddites who are against it - always see a challenge as an opportunity

    Over 38 years we have seen clients struggle with book-keeping, and that used to mean we received data late and clients got the answers later still.

    Most people just want to;

    • stay straight;
    • pay the least tax within the Law;
    • not get into trouble with the Tax Man.

    Digital accounting is the answer to all this (in the proper hands);

    • when you spend or receive money there is no "book-keeping";
    • each transaction goes straight to the final Accounts and the Tax Return;
    • data gets to us the next day or sometimes straight away;
    • some clients never need to look at FreeAgent, we do everything for them;
    • others use its advanced features to issue and track their sales invoices, create quotes and monitor their spending.

    With us at your side;

    • we guide you through the process at every stage;
    • we watch your deadlines;
    • we correct errors, add tax adjustments and stand up for you against any HMRC challenge;
    • you can sleep at night!


Thanks for visiting our website

I have been in the Tax business since 1975 - into the old Inland Revenue straight from A-levels

In 1984 I moved to private practice and straight away got one of the first Apple Macs with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

For most of the last 38 years, Excel has been the main tool of our trade, but now times are changing so I have spent the last five years preparing us and our clients to be fully digital;

• all filings are done online with industry-standard software;
• clients have their own Portal where they can review and approve our work, and from which they receive personal reminders for deadlines;
• we espouse Structural Tax Planning. That means using the Law for your benefit. No cheating, no 'clever' schemes, just good brains and common sense;
• we are lifting book-keeping chores from the shoulders of clients using FreeAgent.

If you would like a no-obligation chat with me please call one of our numbers, or send an email.

Our all-inclusive prices range from £20 to £120 a month, including VAT, according to your needs. 

Best Regards

David Ross
Fair Balance Accounting

Please call us on ‭01202 513666 or 07967 253111 for a no-obligation consultation about your needs. Or email david.ross@fairbalance.co.uk

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